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Most advance waterproofing systems to arrest water leakage problem, suitable for all concrete and metal protection against leakages. A building or structure needs waterproofing as concrete itself will not be watertight on its own. The conventional system of waterproofing involves ‘membranes’. This relies on the application of one or more layers of membrane that act as a barrier between the water and the building structure, preventing the passage of water.

Product Data:
SURESEAL 690 SPUA – Aromatic Pure Polyurea Coating

SURESEAL 282 WP – Acrylic Elastomeric Coating

SURESEAL PS 700 – Protective Waterproofing Sealer

SURESEAL PU 911  – PU Sealant

PLC 450 PU – Aliphatic Polyurethane Finish

PLC 310 PU – Aliphatic Polyester Urethane

SURESEAL 650 PU – Elastic Polyurethane Coating

SURESEAL 652 PU – Polyurethane Elastomer

SURESEAL 7 WP – Liquid Waterproofer & Rebar Protection

SURESEAL 256 WP – Coal Tar Modified Epoxy

SURESEAL SLF – Solvent Free Elastic Epoxy Coating

SURECEM 1005 WP – Elastic Crystalization Waterproofing

SURECEM 1009 WP – Cementitious Waterproofing Slurry

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