Standard Repair & Grouts

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SUREFIX are epoxy & PU Grouts designed for either new construction project or structure repair works. SURE-ADD admixture is designed to improve the workability and physical properties of concrete.

Product Data :

SURE-ADD ACR – Acrylic Cement Modifier

SURE-ADD SBR – Bonding Additive

SURECEM 3050 EC – Epoxy Cement Floor Topping

SUREFIX 101 – Thixotropic Epoxy Compound

SUREFIX 120 – Epoxy Novolac Putty

SUREFIX 160 – Rapid Cure Epoxy Resin Mortar

SUREFIX 200 – PU Foam Injection Grout

SUREFIX 220 – High Strength Epoxy Grout

SUREFIX 250 – Low Viscosity Epoxy Binder

SUREFIX 280 – Medium Viscosity Epoxy Binder

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