Anti-Corrosion / Protective Coatings

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Anti-corrosion coatings comprises of zinc rich primers, high build epoxy coating, polyurethane, acrylic and etc. has been widely used for protection of onshore and offshore structures. The coating system is designed suitable for jetty, bridges, tanks, petrochemical plants, pipes and etc.

Product Data:
PLC 450 PU – Aliphatic Polyurethane Finish
PLC 228 TL – Amine Adduct Cured Epoxy
PLC 881 EZ – Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer
SUREGLASS PE – Glass Filled Polyester
SURESEAL VE – Glass Filled Vinly Ester
SUREGLASS 118 – Glass Flake Filled Epoxy Mastic
SUREGLASS 241 – Glass Flake Epoxy Coating / Lining
PLC 338 HS – High Build Epoxy Coating
PLC 111 OIZ – Inorganic Zinc Rich Primer
PLC 318 EP – Pigmented Epoxy Primer
PLC 118 ST – Self-Priming Epoxy Mastic
PLC 255 HT – Silicone Acrylic
PLC 650 HT – Silicone Aluminum Coating
SURESEAL 1208 UWE – Underwater & Wet Surface Epoxy Mastic
PLC 302 WB – Water-Based Polyurethane Coating

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